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Wood R4 1.41

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Wood R4 1.62
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Change log (1.41):
- 'one piece gigant battle 2 - shin sekai (japan)' fixed.
- 'tamagotchi collection (japan)' fixed.
- 'professeur layton et l'appel du spectre (france)' fixed.
- 'power rangers - samurai' fixed.
- 'professor layton und der ruf des phantoms (germany)' fixed.
- 'il professor layton e il richiamo dello spettro (italy)' fixed.
- 'professor layton en de melodie van het spook (netherlands)' fixed.
- 'cooking mama world - outdoor adventures (europe)' fixed.
- 'el profesor layton y la llamada del espectro (spain)' fixed.
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