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Wood R4 1.21

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Wood R4 1.62
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Change log (1.21):
- fixed rare freezes in games that use mic than softreset combo pressed (for example - 'zelda').
- fixed are 3d engine lockup after softreset from some games. (for example - 'toy story').
- for rom size now used file size instead value from romheader. most translations must work.
- homebrew with huge arm9 code size fixed. (at least 'operation libra' works.)
- stack usage in dma code decreased about 3 times. must solve some strange freezes on some microsd.
- cheat buffer in loader increased to 256k.

- fixed selection bar in start menu in some skins.
- hungarian translation updated. tnx to gaboros.

- 'disney tangled - the video game (europe)' fixed.
- reliable fix for 'star wars - the clone wars - jedi alliance'.
- 'goldeneye 007 (germany)' fixed.
- 'harry potter and the deathly hallows - part 1 (usa)' fixed.
- 'crafting mama (usa)' fixed.
- 'petz nursery 2 (usa)' fixed.
- 'marie-antoinette and the american war of independence - episode 1 - the brotherhood of the wolf (europe)' fixed.
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