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Wood R4 1.15

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Wood R4 1.62
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Change log (1.15):
- switched to devkitarm 32.
- libnds not used now. instead used special fork - libunds.
- folders with dot as a first symbol never shown.
- additional 3d engine reset at softreset.
- touchscreen processing more accurate.
- .cc files dont used anymore. cheats goes from usrcheat.dat directly. you can delete all *.cc files from your microsd.

- rom property dialog speedup.
- custom icons for file types, folders, nand, microsd, slot2, unknown types. also custom icons in skins.

- 'final fantasy - the 4 heroes of light (usa)' fixed.
- 'final fantasy - the 4 heroes of light (europe)' fixed.
- 'super scribblenauts (usa)' fixed.
- 'lufia - curse of the sinistrals (usa)' fixed.
- 'tenkaichi sengoku lovers ds (japan)' fixed.
- freezes in underground in 'pokemon - platinum version' at some microsd cards fixed.
- 'professeur layton et le destin perdu (france)' fixed.
- 'professor layton und die verlorene zukunft (germany)' fixed.
- 'crime lab - body of evidence (europe)' fixed.
- 'super scribblenauts (europe)' fixed.
- 'professor layton e il futuro perduto, il (italy)' fixed.
- 'strike witches 2 - iyasu naosu punipunisuru (japan)' fixed.
- 'professor layton en de verloren toekomst (netherlands)' fixed.
- 'profesor layton y el futuro perdido, el (spain)' fixed.
- 'solatorobo (japan)' fixed.
- 'sims 3, the (europe)' fixed.
- 'ougon no taiyou - shikkokunaru yoake (japan)' fixed.
- 'professor layton and the lost future (europe)' fixed.
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