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Wood R4 1.14

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Wood R4 1.62
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Change log (1.14):
- fixed startup click on ds phat.
- many small bugfixes in skin processing.
- now language files processed 2.5x faster.

- 'rabbids go home (usa)' fixed.
- 'imagine - dream resort (europe)' fixed.
- 'blue dragon - awakened shadow (germany)' fixed.
- 'etrian odyssey 3 - drowned city (usa)' fixed.
- 'camp rock - final jam (europe)' fixed.
- 'mysims - skyheroes (europe)' fixed.
- 'okamiden chiisaki taiyou (japan)' fixed.
- 'dementium ii (japan)' fixed.
- 'dementium ii (europe)' fixed.
- 'tinker bell and the great fairy rescue (europe) (en,fr,de,es,it,nl)' fixed.
- 'petz - playschool (europe)' fixed.
- 'blue dragon - awakened shadow (italy)' fixed.
- 'pokemon ranger - guardian signs (usa)' fixed.
- 'kingdom hearts - re-coded (japan)' fixed.
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