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Wood R4 1.07

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Wood R4 1.62
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Change log (1.07):
- empty folders can be deleted.

- rom titles fixed for german and italian language.

- 'america's test kitchen
- let's get cooking (usa)' fixed.
- 'rooms - fushigi na ugoku heya (japan)' fixed.
- 'warioware - do it yourself (europe)' fixed.
- the sound distortion while saving on slow cards fixed in wariware games.
- softreset in 'mario & sonic at the olympic winter games' fixed.
- special features in 'imagine
- champion rider' fixed.
- 'dementium ii (usa)' fixed.
- 'yu-gi-oh! 5d's
- stardust accelerator
- world championship 2010 (korea)' fixed.
- 'figure princess (korea)' fixed.

r4 specific:
- mp3 playback in moonshell2 fixed.
- r4 hardware supports only 8 megabytes save size maximum. added workaround for warioware games. now problems with music and comics must gone.
- 'children of mana' game has a bug that causes random freeze at 1st startup on slow cards. fixed.
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