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TTDS EXT, INFO, SAV 5.0 Beta v.1.8

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TTDS EXT, INFO, SAV v5 beta 1.98.rar
Includes fixes for:
- Sonic & SEGA: All-Star Racing (U) and (E).
- WarioWare D.I.Y (U).
- Added fix for GTA: Chinatown Wars (U) and (E) that was taken out from JP updates.
- Pokémon HG/SS (U).
- Pokémon HG/SS (E)
- Pokémon HG/SS (G)
- World of Zoo

- Arkanell
- basher11
- TyRaNtM
- Pong20302000
- twiztidsinz
- Rudolph & others who made the Hex data
- And all GBATemp people that helped with this!

Change log (5.0 Beta v.1.8):
Sonic Fix

updated savlib.dat and info.dat with lots of games
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