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SysmodoR4 2.1

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by amaro

Sysmodo is a compilation of homebrew, which can be used as replacement firmware for R4DS.

This contains in the main menu:
_ first page: GAME, MEDIA and PDA
_ second page: WoodR4, GBA and GBC

MicroSD card:
_ Backup your files.
_ Format your microSD card.
_ Copy the contents of the "Sysmodo" folder, to the route of microSD card...
_ Put your files in "_NDS_" folder.

_ Run games (YSMenu)
_ Multimedia (moonshl)
_ PDA (DSOrganize)
_ WoodR4
_ GBA (GBA_ExpLoader)
_ GBC (Lameboy)

Totally skinable:
_ You can change the wallpapers (12), just press ( L ) or ( R )

Latest update:
_ RetroGameFan - files v6.58
_ WoodR4 v1.29
_ Elixirdream - Cheats 29/04/2011

... enjoy!

Change log (2.1):
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