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SuperCard DSTwo EOS 1.04 (08-06-2010)

• RealTime Save (Up to 4 Slots)
• RealTime Game Guide (Text ".txt" and Pictures ".bmp" )
• RealTime Cheat (Stabler, Easier to Use, Compatible with Most Cheat Files)
• Free Cheat Function (In-Game Cheat Enable/Disable, and Slow Motion Support)
• Enables ALL microSD Storage Capacities
• FAT or FAT32 Support
• Multiple Languages (English, Spanish, S. Chinese, T. Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, and Japanese)
• User Designed Hotkey
• File Management (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete)
• Automatic Detection of microSD Speed and Save Type
• Automatic Anti-Piracy Patching
• Patched or Clean Mode for NDS Support

Change log (1.04 (08-06-2010)):
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