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Supercard DS One SDHC EOS 1.0 SP1

*Powerful new GUI

Completely redesigned the GUI can bring you a new beautiful interface. And system menus will also give you more friendly user experience, touch operation, saves time and effort!

*Real-Time-Save power up!

It increased RTS slots up to 4 individual slots. Additional, added the 3D data intelligent detection function, to improve the compatibility of 3D games so that it can be more stable. Moreover, also fast read & write speed as always.

*Hotkey Integration

Integrated the hotkey, then there is only one hotkey you need to remember. You can call out the in-game menu to use the functions like RTS/RTG/Cheat and so on. It's easy to remember and easy to use!

*Full-featured upgrade cheat function

Easy to use, compatible with popular DAT format cheat database now. ItÂ’s easy to get the cheat code.

*Hardware supports slow motion

Changed the slow motion function from Cheat code method to hardware method. Better stability and compatibility.

*Evolution of Real-Time-Game-Guide

With the beautiful and small font so that could display more on the screen. In addition, supports for direct reading .Txt text file, more convenient to use.
*Supports long file names perfectly

Emancipated from 8.3 rule, supports long file names perfectly, file identification is more simple and convenient.
*Added new technique

Integrated auto-patch database, you can play new games at the first time as soon as possible. And there is another official patch database, give you the double insurance.

Change log (1.0 SP1):
Evolution OS SP1:
1. Updated the save method. Changed from arm9 to arm7.(the same as with the DSONE SP8). It's more compatible.
2. Card reader speed is optimized, the game's own FAT table placed in psram (the game is often read this table).
3, The game's real-time menus cursor can be moved circularly.
4, Fixed the following games:
FF12 Wings of souls, number 2385
Name of the large ensemble Brothers Band No. 2672
Name of the U.S. version of Life SpongeBob SquarePants picture No. 4683
Name to Fu Garden No. 0836
Name Didi Diddy Kong Racing
5, Added a few options for the card read speed ( total of nine levels), you can set up for high speed cards.
6, Fixed cheat code failure problems
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