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Supercard DS ONE micro firmware update *Important* 1.01

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Supercard DS ONE loader 3.0 SP5 Eng (SDHC)
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This is DS ONE version firmware 1.01 upgrade program. (Please notice your DS ONE version, Example: English version DS ONE can only run English version upgrade program)

Important: DO NOT turn off power when running upgrade program. And make sure the power light is GREEN, not RED.

Q:What's new?
A:Fixed a FAT32 file system bug. This bug will make DS ONE halt and white screen.

Q:How to upgrade?
A:Run "SC_firmware_upgrade101.nds" like a normal program from DS ONE menu. And follow the message displayed on screen.

Q:How do I know the firmware version?
A:Hold L+R and turn on the power.

Q:What should I do, if upgrade progress halt?
A:The DS ONE is corrupt. But there is a method to fix the corrupt firmware.
1. Need another good DS ONE, or DSLinker, or any other slot 1 flash card.
2. Run "SC_firmware_upgrade101.nds" from the hardware list above.
3. When upgrade message display, Do not turn off the power, swap insert the corrupt DS ONE.
4. Follow the message, can fix the currpot DS ONE and upgrade to new firmware.

Change log (1.01):
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