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Supercard DS ONE loader 2.0

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Supercard DS ONE loader 3.0 SP5 Eng (SDHC)
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This is loader version 2.0 for the Supercard DS ONE in English.

Change list:

* Added Realtime Cheat Code: Can be turned on/off when playing game. Switch between cheat code menu and game playing without restarting! Support Hotkey mode and Cheat Code Menu mode.
* Added Realtime Game Guide: Playing game and view Game guide at the same time. Switch between gameplay and reading a game-guide, without restarting! . Hotkey L+R+START+DOWN.
* Added Support DS Browser, need SCCF,SCSD,SCL.
* Added Support PASSME function. Can boot GBA slot. Hotkey L+B at OS menu.
* Fixed GBA union function, support GBA game union and can be saved. Enable GBA game be loaded to slot 2. need SCCF, SCDS, SCL
* Fixed NDSL screen adjust bug. Remove the alarm message when startup DS ONE menu.
* Added date and temperature display.
* Added double screen display function. provide skin, icon DIY. Hotkey L+A at OS menu.
* Added icon display function. Up-screen display game icon, down-screen can display property of the game.

Change log (2.0):
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