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SCDS2 GBA EMU (game_config.txt) 1.0

Our download center contains a more recent version of the file you're trying to download:
Supercard DSTWO and iPlayer GBA EMU (game_config.txt) 1.4
game_config.txt fixes issues with various GBA games for the SCDS2 GBA EMU.

Place this file in the root of your NDSGBA folder.

(QUOTE= from the comments in the file)
# What is this file??? game_config.txt is a database of settings on a
# per-game basis. A couple of the settings are required to make games
# work at all, but most of them are there to improve the performance of
# a game. If a game doesn't work then look through the settings here,
# but keep in mind that this file can not be used to fix a majority of
# games, the ones that don't work because of emulator bugs. For those
# you'll have to wait for a new release and hope it someday gets fixed.

Change log (1.0):
No changelog available.
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