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R4iSDHC Happy Box V2.0 English kernel ( 2.0.14b

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Kernel for R4iSDHC Happy Box with V2.0 label (from Release date: 3/25/2011

This is the latest version, and it's retrieved using Wayback Machine. had removed the download link for this kernel in March 2014. You can find the latest firmware update or the kernel for other language by selecting "Other versions".

Some information about Happy Box V2.0 flashcarts:
- V2.0 is a revision of the old Happy Box flashcart, which was released in 2010.
- R4i version (with red package and red sticker) supports 3DS 4.3.0, DSi 1.4.4, DS / DS Lite.
- Regular R4 version (with blue package and white sticker) only supports DS / DS Lite.
- This kernel can be used for both carts.

Change log (2.0.14b):
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