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Wood R4 is the most famous alternative to the original R4 menu. It brings tons of new exclusive features, perfects ROM compatibility and support along its numerous updates, it is by far the best system for your flashcart. There are multiple versions available, this one being the orignal version, for the original R4. For other versions please read below. exclusive software release!

important distinction:
Now, there are so many fake Wood R4 versions which have nothing to do with me. Only Wood R4 for the original R4, R4i Gold (, R4iDSN (, and AK RPG are supported by me. I can only fix bugs for these specific releases. Do not post bug reports or ask for updates to clone cards running a fake version of Wood.

Caution: The Wood R4i Gold firmware is only for the R4i Gold made by ( R4iDS, Other R4i Gold cards, due to different hardware, can not use the Wood R4i Gold firmware (including the R4i Gold v2, etc)

Change log (1.58):
- fatfs updated to 0.09b.

- sound fixed after exit from gameyob.
- 'cooking mama world combo pack vol. 2 (europe)' fixed.

r4i specific:
- rts still in beta stage.
- improved rts state saving/loading.
- fixed bug that cause freeze after leaving rts menu in following games:
rune factory - a fantasy harvest moon
speed racer - the videogame
final fantasy tactics a2 - grimoire of the rift
nameless game, the
soul bubbles
rayman - raving rabbids - tv party
flower, sun and rain - murder and mystery in paradise
phantasy star 0
fighting fantasy - the warlock of firetop mountain
dragon quest ix - sentinels of the starry skies
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