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R4 _DS_MENU.DAT 1.18

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R4 Kernel 1.24 (English)
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Changelog on R4 i.L.S website:

QUOTE1)Fix screen problem when reset

2)Fix softret problem in new game

Works on the original R4 flashcarts (official only).

This is modified to include MoonShell v2.02 (instead of MoonShell v1.6) and the cheat file (CHEAT.DAT) from (as of June 23 2009).

Instructions: Extract the zip file first then copy a extracted folder to the root (or known as directory) of your USB based-microSD reader or the microSD adpater (it's the size of the SD card).

Official website

Description inherited from version 1.22

Change log (1.18):
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