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N5DS Alienware Firmware

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N5 Firmware 1.32
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Okay the theme is very simple it consists of..
theme.ini / logo.bmp / icons.bmp / bckgrd_2.bmp / bckgrd_1.bmp
The gba frame is GBABOOTS.BMP thats the olny change in the theme proccess
based off of N5 Firmware v1.27
Green Book Hackers
the cheat is used just like the normal N5 cheat but it is named BRAIN.DAT/USRBRAIN.DAT
//system folder
//Other Information
This Firmware has been rewritten By hacker07
part Of The Green Book Hackers
Do not claim this as your own!

N5DS Alienware 1.27 1.0

Each N5 Firmware that is released will be made into N5DS Alienware for updates for games.

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