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Moonshell 1.71 Release3


Moonshell v1.71 for CycloDS Evolution

CycloDS Evolution Official Website:
Team Cyclops Forums:


Simply copy the "moonshl" directory from the archive into the root directory
of your MicroSD card. You may then launch Moonshell by selecting the "Media"
icon from the CycloDS Evolution main menu. DO NOT just copy the archive file
to your MicroSD card - the files must be extracted first! If you are unsure of
how to do this, please use Google for more information.

Change log

- Release 3 (15/9/2007)

* Bookmarks are now working
* Audio file resume is now working (must be enabled in settings first)
* Fixed a problem where soft reset would not work after playing a DPG video

- Release 2 (6/8/2007)

* Soft reset back to CycloDS Evolution main menu is now supported via
* Removed redundant warning screen
* As before, based on Moonshell v1.71

- Release 1

* Initial release, based on Moonshell v1.71

Change log (1.71 Release3):
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