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M3Sakura NDSMovie 1.33

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M3Sakura NDSMovie 1.35 Asian
NDSMovie video converter v1.33 (14th-12-2008):

Software specifications:
Software Type: Asian Edition (M3Sakura integrated system v1.33, TouchPod original system v4.2b X)
PC-side software language types: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, four English language interface (based on Windows operating systems automatically identify)
M3Sakura types of language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean interface in three languages (only to support the use of M3DS Real Asia edition)

Video conversion features:
1. DSM to support the 2.2 standard video output format conversion;
2. To support a variety of common multi-media video files as a source file to convert;
3. To support the added volume and mass conversion, set the output directory;
4. Mandate of the current progress of the conversion and the conversion screen monitor display window;
5. The basic parameters can be set up to support the frames, video bit rate, audio bit rate, audio sample rate, adjust screen brightness, and other settings;
6. Can be set up in the conversion to set the volume to zoom in or out;
7. Proportion of video settings: Automatic, 4:3,16:9,1:2.35;
8. Add support for the index picture, caption for synthetic external support, so that a more substantial editing features (or ffdshow may need to plug VobSub);
9. To support the option to switch the language interface (corresponding to the current Windows default language version);
10. Quantities to support the mission after the completion of the automatic shutdown;
11. Automatically install the system and cherry to the original microSD system for the use of M3DS Real;

* GBalpha official DSM video card film produced by the conversion tool *. DSM documents, 2.2,2.0,1.1 and 1.0 minutes in four criteria, of which 2.2 and 2.0 versions of the DSM video with fast random access, copyright protection, such as the navigation menu Characteristics, DSM 2.2 is only able to play M3Sakura system, the maximum support for the smooth 30 frames / s high-speed picture playback, multi-media expansion of the original model can not be used to play video DSM 2.2 standard, DSM 2.0 in M3Sakura system and the expansion of the original multi-media compatibility mode , M3Sakura system that can play any version of the DSM video and video DPG and automatically determine the video format to choose the corresponding decoder for playback;
* GBalpha audio-visual magic box to download movies offered by DSM for 2.0 standard video, you can at the same time compatible with the Company's use of two types of multi-media platform;
* The conversion software can convert video formats as the Windows system includes multimedia plug-in decoding the types and versions, there will be differences in compatibility;
* Setting the parameters set wrong or inappropriate, this may lead to the normal completion of the conversion of video playback or when unusual;
* Add multimedia video source file format if the data error may lead to a conversion of the video does not play;
* M3Sakura on the NDS system in detail on the method of operation, please refer to the Web site "service and support," the "Download - Download Manual" published in "M3Sakura operating instructions," M3Sakura a better understanding of the functions and features, you can visit the "M3Sakura Help and support "site feature.

Change log (1.33):
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