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M3G6 DS Real Trim Tool 1.10beta

Batch added support NDS and GBA ROM of the game and remove gaps in the data to reduce ROM blank space occupied by the data, and can choose to reduce post-ROM to a new path of (New File option), for example, to M3DS Real microSD card of the game NDS directory; Direct can also choose to reduce ROM source (OverWrite option), for example, originally stored in the microSD card M3DS Real ROM on the direct reduction.
Version 1.1 supports ROM reduced before and after reducing the size of the display space and reduce the ratio.
Note: In addition to reduced ROM only blank data, the game will not be on the plot, animation, sound, etc. caused deletions or influence.

支持批量添加NDS和GBA的游戏ROM并去除空白数据以减小ROM中空白数据所占用的空间,可以选择缩减后的ROM到新的路径下(New File选项),例如到M3DS Real的microSD卡的NDS游戏目录下;亦可以选择直接缩减ROM源文件(OverWrite选项),例如将原本储存在 M3DS Real的microSD卡上的ROM直接进行缩减。

Change log (1.10beta):
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