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M3/G6 DS Real Firmware 4.3c

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M3/G6 DS Real Firmware 4.3h X47
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The M3 Team has released another update for the M3/G6 DS Real series. While 4.3b solved compatibility problems for about 30 games this update instead solves the problem that existed with the B type of AR pointer cheat codes.

Changelog v4.3b and v4.3c:

v4.3c x:
1.Fixed the problem of AR Pointer Cheat Codes. B type support.

v4.3b x:
1.Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 3515,3516,3533,3543,3545,3547,3554,3566,3574,3577,3579,3580,3585
2.Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 3502,3503,3505,3506,3507,3516,3533,3544,3553,3563,3570,3582,3586
3.Fix the compatibility of game 3517,3538,3607
(game tested up to 3625)

Change log (4.3c):
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