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M3/G6 DS Real 2.7b

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M3/G6 DS Real Firmware 4.3h X47
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M3 V2.7b released:

Fix the bug of the cheatcode format (".dht";).

NDS/GBA Linkage function is fully supported included "poke" series.

M3 V2.7a

--New Games 1712,1724,1685,1691,1699,1706: software reset function are supported.
--Fix bug in 2.7; homebrew could not be loaded
--New CheatCode switch option was added:
1)Switch On(allow switch between on/off during game playing)
2)Always On

--Improve the speed of listing games

--Support up to 128 games in 1 folder.
--Allow users to change the game folder. Just click the folder icon to change the default folder.
(4G/6G SDHC TF cards are well supported even more games are copied into.)

Change log (2.7b):
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