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M3 DS Simply loader 1.04

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M3 DS Simply Loader 1.14
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This is loader version 1.04 of the M3 DS Simply loader in English.

1) Automatically detect the SLOT-2 card, supports NDS and GBA cart (Thanks cory1492);
2) It will lead the SLOT-2 GBA cart to define the frame (put the homebrew gbaframe.bmp files under the _system_ directory);
3) Supports the backup and restore the games under the directory (press the 'SELECT' key to enter the "backup" mode, you can choose the SAV files if press "A" button to backup, you can choose the BAK files if press "A" button to restore);
4) Supports the deletion of files and space directory (select the appointed files or directory, press "X" to delete).
5) Revise the problems about the backup of 0970;
6) Built in Action Replay cheat (put cheat.dat file under the_system_directory, it mayabe deleted if there is no Action Replay cheat requested;
7) Supports R4's cheat.dat and user's usrcheat.dat, and also supports upgrade individually;
8) Provides Cheat Code editor, in order for users to create database supporting loaded XML files;
9) Improved on the problem of 0928 and 0988;
10) Default.nds file runs automatically under TF directory, it maybe temporarily hidden in the main menu while pressing B key to turn DsLite on; Pressing X key to delete this file if there is unneccessary to have it run automatically.

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