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iMenu set-up files for beta v3.3 1.0

Just extract this to the root of your MicroSD card and let it overwrite everything it needs to.

This is for EOS 1.11 and iMenu beta v3.3.

This file was made as part of the guide to installing iMenu by Terminator02 which can be found here:

Exactly what is in this pack:

YayMii's loading screen that matches iMenu is preinstalled in DSGAME.nds (

DSI2.nds is replaced with the correct file so that returning to imenu from moonshell works correctly

DSTWO.ini is fixed so that it works as it's supposed to, it takes you to the standard EOS plug-in menu

SFC.ini is fixed so that it loads properly

An icon is added for the official plug-in menu to take you to iMenu

Lameboy v0.12 (

CATSFC v1.1 ( which supports arg

NDSGBA v1.21 ( with 12630-game_config.txt v1.3 ( renamed to just game_config.txt and placed inside the NDSGBA folder

iPlayer v1.1 (

iReader v1.12 (

Moonshell v2.10 (

Change log (1.0):
added the loading screen that matches iMenu

renamed to 3.3, no changes made

Added Lameboy 0.12
Added an icon for the official plug-in menu to get back to iMenu

Changed BAGSFC r3 to CATSFC 1.1

updated the .rar's filename to 3.2 (thanks ryuragnas)

the default EOS download has been stripped down, i've added the files that used to come in the default package including:


Changed version # to 3.2, no changes made

Added NDSGBA v1.21 with game_config.txt

Initial release
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