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Homebrew Menu 1.1

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Homebrew Menu 0.4.1
Unfortunately the vast majority of the cards we use to run homebrew applications are heavily biased towards commercial game piracy which means that we suffer from the fallout when Nintendo block these cards and have them removed from sale due to the focus on copyright infringement. In recent months Nintendo's anti-piracy tactics have become more aggressive resulting in custodial sentences for several suppliers of DS flashcards.

The Homebrew Menu is a simple launcher intended to support DS homebrew developers and their users which has no means to run commercial games. This takes the focus away from copyright infringement and into the legal protection of reverse engineering for interoperability purposes provided by the DMCA and EUCD. Currently devkitPro is researching the feasibility of a branded flashcard without piracy features which should hopefully preserve our ability to create and share homebrew. This menu also supports two features thus far ignored by the pirate cards, argv support and a standard exit to menu method.

Some cards appear to have built their dldi code using arm946e-s specific code and unfortunately these cards will fail since hbmenu runs the nds launching code on the arm7. We do this to make sure that we can load and launch an nds file which uses all available memory on both processors - cards which don't will place unnecessary limits on the size of homebrew applications.


If your flash kit does not support argv, launch _BOOT_DS.NDS and then launch the homebrew which requires argv.

Its that simple!

The following Flash Kits are supported by default:
R4, Acekard 2/2i/RPG, CycloDS, Edge

Change log (1.1):
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