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G6 UDisk Manager 4.9d Update

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G6 UDisk Manager 5.1 Update
M3 Game Manager v35d / G6 UDisk Manager v4.9d / G6-M3 DS Real v2.6 x09 (18th-11-2007)

Translated English:
1. Resolved "1657 - Lehman crazy rabbit 2 (EU)" can not be soft reset problem can now use soft reset normal game;
2. Solve the "1658 - the ultimate reality Super (US)," the problem can not run, can now be printed in the normal use of rapid game;
3. Automatic Chinese name literally means that the control support to the 1676, DS games ROM.

Original Chinese
1.解决"1657-雷曼 疯狂兔子2(欧)"不能软复位的问题,现在可以使用软复位正常游戏;

Change log (4.9d Update):
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