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G6 UDisk Manager 4.9b Update

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G6 UDisk Manager 5.1 Update
G6 U-Disk Manager v4.9b (6th-11-2007):

Translated English:
1. Resolve "1541 - international chess master the art of learning (EU)" the only safe mode of operation, can now be printed in the normal use of rapid game;
2. Resolve "1608 - Restaurant鼠王gourmet frenzy (US)," not the normal conversion problems can now be completed conversion and the use of rapid printed in the normal game;
3. Update "- referring to a" smart Library, 1610 and before the game NDS configuration can be automatically read and mandatory use of Chinese name of the game show.

Original Chinese:
1.解决"1541-国际象棋大师 学习的艺术(欧)"只能安全模式运行的问题,现在可以使用快速载入正常游戏;
2.解决"1608-料理鼠王 美食狂潮(美)"不能正常转换的问题,现在可以完成转换并使用快速载入正常游戏;

Change log (4.9b Update):
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