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EZ5 Kernel 3.0 OB1

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EZ5 Kernel 2.0 RC20
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These files are the loaders for the EZ5.
There are five main lines presently in existence:
The 3.0
The 2.0 line
The 1.9 line
The 1.86 line
The older lines.

EZ5i users can only use open beta 1 and beyond of the 3.0 line if they have updated to v101 firmware. Otherwise EZ5i users can only use beta 6 of 1.90 and all the 2.0 line.
EZ5 plus users can only use 1.86c and beyond.
EZ5 original and NYE users can use just about anything they can find.

The 3.0 line was initially aimed at the EZ5i but is based on the 2.0 line.

The 2.0 loaders are a total rewrite of the loader bringing loader speed increases.
They now feature all the features that were initially lost in the transition and they are probably better than those they replaced.

The 1.9 line is a beta line but featured some new and interesting tweaks to things. As of this moment 2.0 does everything better than 1.9 but prior to that

1.86c has some features but not as fully developed as the 2.0 line, it does however have the most stable support for the EZ 3 in 1 GBA slot device. While it is considered the stable version of the three it no longer gets backports of fixes.

The most notable use for the even older lines is that they still use a savelist; this is a list of games and their save types that the EZ5 then emulates. This means roms with anti piracy or otherwise in need of a patch can often work with these versions.
They will feature rudimentary cheats and soft reset only.

Change log (3.0 OB1):

-note you need to at least be on firmware v12 prior to using this firmware update-
Current firmware is displayed in the options section of the kernel, do not try to downgrade.
For [805] users
For [705] users

1.New unified EZ5i firmware- 705 and 805 hardware revisions now use one firmware. EZ5i users will need to update to this to use 3.0 properly, see note on initial conditions required.
2.Fixed problems with DSi XL on all versions
3.Emulated ROM reads under 0x8000 at firmware level "0x8000 inhibitor"- a common flash cart detection method now blocked.
4.DLDI v3/general write crc calculations now performed on card FPGA rather than on the DS CPU- massive speedup resulting on all writing related activities
5.Improved handling of certain microSD(HC) models- issues with memory made in Taiwan should be sorted

Kernel changelog
1.Added "special mode" that disables ARM9 patching- combined with the under 0x8000 read emulation most present and possibly future AP methods will be blocked. This does disable extra functions so patches will still be necessary.
2.Special mode speed setting- highest speed 0, lowest 10. Allows users with slower memory to set a speed.
3.Rewrite to accommodate new firmware- old kernels will not work any more
4.Added multi-splash screen and splash screen animation capability
5.EZ5i now uses ez5isys.bin replacing ez5sys.bin (which will be kept/updated for older models)
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