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ez5 2.00rc4

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EZ4ClientPack 3rdApril2009
EZ5 v2.00RC4 (28th-07-2009):

The EZTeam have released RC4 of the 2.00 line for the EZ5 (all versions), for those just coming to the EZFlash range the EZ5 has been seeing a complete rewrite of the code for the 2.0 line and versions released throughout this rewrite as features return. This release sees the return of savestates, loader level support for the EZ 3 in 1 and the in game text reader. The text reader format (WLK) has been shifted to a windows tool rather than using the DS side.

Release notes
3 in 1 support added back in- single GBA rom mode*, rumble and opera RAM
Real time guide/ingame text reader returns- WLK files are not made using the kernel but a windows tool.
real time save/instant save/savestates return

As usual extra features are activated on a game by game basis and you need to have soft reset activated to use it, L+R+A+B is the key combination of choice.

*single rom mode means only a single rom on the NOR memory (the 1.9 line saw the ability to add multiple roms to the NOR), it also means pokemon games can be flashed again.
Some explanation, pokemon uses large saves and to make multiple roms work with a limited amount of savespace the EZTeam reserved 512K of ram which meant pokemon would not have enough save space to work. This is now not a problem.

Change log (2.00rc4):
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