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EZ4ClientPack 17thOctober2008

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EZ4ClientPack 3rdApril2009
EZ4Client is the software package that patches roms for the EZ4 (and also works for the earlier devices in the series.

EZ4Patch.dll updated to 17th of October version.
Fixes for
2742: Zubo (Europe)
2640: Lock's Quest (USA)
2625: Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise (Europe)

Xcode database replaced with final version. Now covers roms from the first to Yggdra Union (Europe (number 2805 to 2815 depending on the list you use)).
DS rom naming list updated to
2777 Ankh - La Malediction du Roi Scarabee (France).

Change log (17thOctober2008):
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