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EZ4 Firmware 2.02

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EZ4 Firmware 2.03
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For the 2.0 kernels we implement the on-cart patch engine, it means the desktop version of EZ4Client was no longer needed. just copy the clean rom to the sd card and run it directly. the kernel will patch rom automatically.
2.02 brings soft reset and sleep (called global soft reset and sleep aka GSS) back.

Change log (2.02):
We added GLOBAL SOFTRESET AND SLEEP(GSS) patch and customized hotkey configuration file.

default softreset key combination is “L + UP + B”, default sleep key combination is “L + R + START”, default wake up key combination is “START + SELECT”.

Some games can not apply the GSS patch properly, you can use “L+B” to launch them without GSS patch.

If you want to set your own hotkey combination, there is a file named “KEYSET.CFG” in the EZ4Kernel 2.02 package. please check it out. This file must placed in the root of SD card.

We also made a quick tutorial at here

Credits: @kuwanger Thanks for the softreset and sleep hack code.
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