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Ez Skin Forger RN97

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With this tool you will be able to create amazing skin for your EZ5 flashcart.
It's compatible with k2.0 RC5 and better.

System requirement : Windows XP / Vista / Seven

Enjoy !

Thanks to Cheryl Natsu the author of this program and Carpfish for the modified version of makeskin.

Change log (RN97):
- fixed a bug in the skin compile process. Template BMP files were wrongly named.

- added plug-ins feature. See the plug-ins folder for more information.
- provided MS2SkinPreviewforEZV.plg to let you preview fully the current skin loaded in ESF.
- fixed a glitch on TGF files once compiled. Now transparency is used instead of background merge.
- imageconverter been udpated to version 006.
Note : be sure to unzip the full package. Do not update only the EZSkinForger.exe file.

- fixed check box item bug that appeared in RN92.
If picture path was provided and the box unchecked (not visible), pictures were displayed once compiled !
Sorry about that. :/

- makeskin.exe is no longer used. Fully integrated in ESF code now.
- fixed the 1 pixel bug on touchscreen icons.
- fixed file select bar transparency. Now properly displayed. Refresh window after changed the value in tweak window.
- added Software information in skin's properties
- added drag option to the top screen scroll bar. Drag the bar to have a better view of the SB_BG.png picture.
- fixed scroll_bar.png size to match properly the cheat window scroll bar. 14x136 into 14x144.
- added white (transparency 64) to picture scroll_bar.png and SB_BG.png in default template.
- added makeskin.exe 128 line fix from Carpfish in the tutorial folder. Some Splash animation shouldn't be broken anymore now.

- modified top screen preview so it can display all template pictures. Closer to reality now.
- added new entry in items called "File List Items" : here you can modify system text colors and the file list selected text background.
- added tweak menu to modify advanced settings (Blur, darken, custom selected text background,
file list selected item background transparency)
- added the ability to use custom template. ESF will use the skinname_template_files folder if it found it next to your skinname.ess.
- tweak values are now stored in .ess project and .dat skin. No need anymore to edit the setting.ini file of ESF.

- both screens snapshot enabled. ;)
- fixed a bug in Japanese language.
- fixed template bug : open .dat and save in .ess project. At compilation, bug happened. No template in DAT file ! Now fixed.
- added properties in file menu.

- FL_Double_ItemBG_Select.png color was not handled properly in RN81. fixed now.
- added both screen in snapshot menu. Not yet operational.

- added JPEG lossy compress to reduce skin pack size
- fixed Japanese language file
- Rewrite some parts of packing and unpacking code, and accelerate unpacking process.
Will get a much higher speed than previous version when open .DAT files.
- Added new template files.
- new code added to support more picture type. now image formats BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, ICO are supported.
- Added Free-mode (left mouse button move the icon location, right mouse button to test icon).
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