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DSTwo Visual Novel DS plugin 1.1

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A Plugin for 'Visual Novel DS' (avaliable @ but it ALSO includes a modified NDS to allow it to work as a plugin

1) Install 'Visual Novel DS' as normal
You should have a '/VNDS/' folder on your root
2) Extract all 3 files from the plugin into '/_dstwoplug/' folder
3) RENAME the '/VNDS/' folder on your root to '/VN/'
4) DELETE any other copies of VNDS.NDS (other than the one inside '/_dstwoplug/' folder) as these WILL NOW NOT WORK

Change log (1.1):
v1.1 - This is a Hacked Version of Visual Novel DS 1.4.9
(Available @

Apparently 1.5.x was an attempt to combine all VN files into a single '.novel' file format which in turn 'broke' VNDS

v1.0 is a hacked version of 1.5.3
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