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DSTwo SavBackup Plugin 1.1

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This is a plugin for Xenon++ 'savbackup' utility
The utility will create a copy (either 'bak' or 'sav' depending on setting in 'savbackup.ini' ) of your nds game 'sav' files from within the DS. Useful if you suddenly get a corrupt 'sav' file & you're away from a PC

It is available from within the 'mshl2tools' package
[See for the latest version]

Please Note: This is a utility that is UNDER DEVELOPMENT & is known to have bugs in it. Xenon++ can not be held responsible for any damage made to your sav/bak files

Installation: See included Installation.txt file

Change log (1.1):
updated 'savbackup.ini' to the same one included in mshl2tools due to the latest 'savbackup.nds' (0.51b.100825) now allows it (the 'ini') to be stored in the same directory as the nds file
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