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DSTwo DSkiosk Plugin 1.1

To install: Extract all files into '/_dstwoplug/' folder

The settings for this program MAY appear in the root directory - however if you have a 'data' folder on the root of your card, then the settings will be saved there in '/data/dskiosk/' folder

You will need to visit for details on how to create your own thumbnails/pictures

Thumbnails are 64x48 pixels, Truecolor (24bits), in PNG format.
Backgrounds are 256x384 pixels PNG pictures (one screen is 256x192), Truecolor (24bits).

Change log (1.1):
Due to a request from the moderators, I am unable to include the actual .nds file as

well in the package

You will need to search and download the program seperately
Install the program, as per it's instructions,
yet place the .nds file inside the '/_dstwoplug/' folder
along with the files in this download
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