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DSTTi Starter Kit v1.2 1.17

DSTTi Starter Pack v.1.2

-Moonshell 2 (with extras removed, such as morning timer, ttio, directboot etc.)
-TTMENU with latest infolib, and savlib (as of 3/5/10)
-Unofficial DSTT 1.17 kernel (fake killer disabled)

This is basically a DSTT/i Root Menu, set up with some of the latest features for any flashcart, without the hassle of you doing it yourselves.

Change log (1.17):
-Moonshell 2 complete v.2.10 stable
-New Skins
-Updated extinfo
-Updated infolib
-Updated savlib
-Updated usrcheat
-Added usrcheatup (updates your usrcheat file through wifi)

Sorry for the late update, I've been busy with school lately.
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