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DS_GAME plugin 1.2

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With v1.03 or higher of the DSTwo's EOS you can change the name of the plugin 'DS_GAME' to whatever you like.

The problem is that Supercard team didn't supply the files, & it seems some people have trouble even with just this little problem (especially those with MACs).

So here's a copy for people to download & install.

Just unzip & copy the files into the '/_dstwoplug/' folder.

note: IF you want to use the supplied alternative icon change the line




Change log (1.2):
v1.2: Grammar nazi edition
fixed up some spelling, some links, otherwise the same as v1.1

Exactly the same as 1.0 but with a new icon, loosely based on the icons made by _Chaz_ [see for pictures of his icons]

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