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DS2Tools 1.4b

You just need to unzip the in the MicroSD and run it in the main menu.
SkinUp is a tool for downloading skins for the supercard with EOS.
It uses the internet connexion (WEP and SSID is not hidden).
Use the L and R buttons to switch from one page to another.

DataUp for downloading the last release of EOS Shell, ds1patch.dat and NDSGBA

You can switch between SkinUp and DataUp with Select.

2 languages are available : English and French
You can switch between English and French with Start.
French is the default language for the DS configured in French and English for other languages.

Change log (1.4b):
- DS2Tools 1.4b
- The TwOneSkins address site had changed :

- DS2Tools 1.4
- Max number of skins is locally raised to 15
- Previews are saved in the folder "/ _dstwo / temp /" to avoid having to download it each time.
- On the title line, press "A" to download all the missing previews of the selected type (NDS or GBA PlugIn)
- Added an intro page
- Starts without Wifi for local use (without a Wifi login)
- A click on the wifi signal icon start the wifi login.
- Size of WiFi icon is bigger to allow the wifi login with your finger (without stylus)
- Fixed a lot of bugs
- MAJ du DevKitPro (devkitARM_r32-win32, libnds-1.4.8, dswifi-0.3.13, default_arm7-0.5.17, PAlib100707)
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