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CATSFC 1.36.1
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Super Nintendo emulator for the Supercard DSTWO, based on Snes9x 1.43, originally NDSSFC and improved by BAGSFC.

Third-party contribution to the project is accepted and welcome; interested parties should visit the github page at

Change log (1.32):
* Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese changes by Aeter and Diego Liberal. Dutch has now stopped wrapping to the next line, but requires the next change.
* Option text starts more to the left to accomodate longer option names and values. For consistency, file selectors, cheat names and the Recently Played games list are also expanded by about 26 pixels.
* Use the CATSFC system directory at the root of a card if it's not present where expected using plugin arguments.
* Fix an issue where the sound frequency was 1.5% too low. This does nothing to resynchronise the sound when it lags, however.

* A few SDK changes related to data types.
* Some dead code that was still in the .plg file has been removed.
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