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CATSFC 1.36.1
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Super Nintendo emulator for the Supercard DSTWO, based on Snes9x 1.43, originally NDSSFC and improved by BAGSFC.

Third-party contribution to the project is accepted and welcome; interested parties should visit the github page at

Change log (1.25):
1.25, the A/V Fluidity Edition.

* The main thing in this version is that it adds a toggle to make video OR audio more fluid, per game. That means you can have decent audio and a good framerate for your platformers and puzzles, and decent video and great audio for your RPGs.
* Less audio jitter, even if you choose to prefer fluid video in a game. The sound timing code is rewritten and doesn't try to push truckloads of audio per frame to the DS.
* Cut 279 milliseconds (0.28 second) from the start-up time.
* Sort files correctly in file selectors. Formerly, a file starting with a letter that's early in the alphabet could find itself incorrectly inserted near the end.
* Also suspend when you close the lid if the menu is displayed. During emulation, this was implemented in version 1.14.

* memmove is slow. Replace it in many places with memcpy.
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