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CATSFC 1.36.1
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Super Nintendo emulator for the Supercard DSTWO, based on Snes9x 1.43, originally NDSSFC and improved by BAGSFC.

Third-party contribution to the project is accepted and welcome; interested parties should visit the github page at

Change log (1.21):
* New icons for the main menu, from the Tango Icon Library and the Tango-inspired RRZE Icon Set. See copyright for more information.
* More readable text in all menus: the main menu has white on a darker purple for inactive items, and the other menus have dark purple on white instead of the old light teal.
* "NEW", "RETURN" and "RESTART" are now localised as "New game", "Return to game" and "Reset game", in English, French and Simplified Chinese. All three are on the same style of button.
* Changing languages is now faster because I assert that icons can't change when you change languages anymore (formerly, NEW, RETURN and RESTART could be localised in custom builds).
* The ROM (*.smc, *.sfc) and cheat (*.cht) file selection screen now scroll the selected file name more evenly and faster.
* Default to Slot #1 instead of #0 when invoking the Saved states menu if no saved states have been created yet for the current game. Formerly, saving to #0 would overwrite the game configuration.
* Better touch handling:
-> The Touch Screen now works to load a cheat file (Main Menu/Cheats).
-> The Touch Screen now updates the user interface's language (Main Menu/Options).
-> Tapping a cell in the Load saved state row now shows its screenshot (Main Menu/Saved states).
-> Tapping an empty row beyond the last item in a submenu does not invoke a phantom option from the next menu in RAM anymore.
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