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CATSFC 1.36.1
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CATSFC is an improvement/modification to BAGSFC, improving compatibility and adding features.

Third-party contribution to the project is accepted and welcome; interested parties should visit the github page at

Change log (1.08):
Nebuleon's changes in 1.08 (over the previous version, "1.1", showing as 1.07 in its About dialog):
* Optimise for code size. This reduces the loading time, as well as the time it takes to write the plugin to a microSD card. (For regular use, this doesn't matter, but for testing, it does ;) ) Combined with the MIPS instruction cache, this means that code runs a bit faster as well.
* Optimise for speed. Many explicit delays have been removed, more importantly the 50 ms delay before and after loading a ROM.
* CATSFC 1.07 and earlier versions had awful control latency, up to 200 ms and sometimes losing keypresses altogether. This version eliminates most of the control latency by scanning keys after every SNES image line.
* Lower audio loss.
* Narrower, better-looking font (it's Pictochat's font).
* Taelis's French translation now appears in the interface under Options/Language.
* A much better, Engrish-free, README file for compiling and installing the emulator, as well as creating more translations.
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