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[BagPlug] ARG Pack 2.0

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This pack contains several arg files for BagPlug.
All files must be in _dstwoplug or the path must be changed.
Actually i think the path for the most new files must be changed.

Copy the Icons Folder to your Skin Folder!

a26 = stellads.nds
a52 = a5200ds.nds
a78 = a7800ds2.plg
avi = movie.plg
bag = videoplayer.plg
bin = stellads.nds, a5200ds.nds, a7800ds2.plg
bmp, jpg, png = ireader.plg, moonshell2.nds, dsorganize.nds
dpg = moonshell2.nds
epub, fb2 = ikureader.nds
gb, gbc = lameboy.nds
gba = ndsgba.plg
gen, smd = jenesisds.nds
gg, sms = dsmasterplus.nds
ini = dsorganize.nds
ipk = ipk.nds
mp3, ogg, wav = INTERNAL, movie.plg, moonshell2.nds, dsorganize.nds
mpc = MarioPaintComposer.nds
neo = neods.nds
nes = nesds.nds
pdf = ireader.plg
sfc, smc = catsfc.plg, bagsfc.plg
txt = dsorganize.nds, ikureader.nds
zip = catsfc.plg, bagsfc.plg

Change log (2.0):
Update 07.10.2011:
Added ARG & Icon for NeoDS.


Added some ARG files and a Filetype Icon Pack.
Removed hiddenfolders.txt
The Icons are made by ~brsev
The various Console Icons are made by myself.
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