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AKAIO 1.6 RC-2

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AKAIO 1.9.0
firmware for the acekard2, acekard 2i, acekard rpg. RC-1 offers new loaders, fixed wifi support, homebrew soft-reset, and more.

Change log (1.6 RC-2):
AK-AIO 1.6 RC2
+ Show error screen on boot if your using a clone.
+ Added Korean language (Thanks cherries4u).
+ Added Czech language (Thanks penthaler).
+ Fixed hiddenFileNames ini bug.
+ Now shows an error if a clone is detected.
+ Updated savelist.bin

March 24th
Fixed Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (#4821).

March 22nd
Fixed Rooms - The Main Building (#4813).

March 20th
Fixed Nettou! Powerful Koushien (#4807).
Fixed Kawaii Koinu DS 3 (#4809).
Fixed Crayon Shinchan Susume Kasukabe Ninja Tai (#4810).
Fixed Warioworld D.I.Y (#4812).

March 18th
Fixed Pokemon Wii connectivity using QuickSave mode.
Fixed Alice in Wonderland (#4798).
Fixed Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects (#4800).

March 17th
Fixed Pokemon HG/SS wii connectivity (Thanks yellow.wood.goblin).
Fixed Deca Sports DS (#4797).

March 13th
Fixed RPG Tsukuru (#4789).

March 12th
Fixed 100 Livres Classiques (#4783).
Fixed Jacqueline Wilson's Tracy Beaker: The Game (#4784).
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