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AKAIO 1.9.0
AK-AIO 1.2
+ New AKRPG/AK2 Detection Routine which has proven to be much better
+ Cheat Update functions run from plugin, giving full memory access to it and allowing updates without full AKAIO updates
- Can choose to download USRCHEAT.DAT or CHEATS.XML and whether or not to display "Whats New" before launching
- Should be much more stable, perhaps a teeny bit faster
- Third option in "which cheat file to download" box displays the setting window at plugin launch, can be used for future expansion
+ Preliminary AK+ Support. Very preliminary. As in, no help offered but know it's still being worked on (See: AK+ SUPPORT)
+ New Experimental Cheat engine for AK2 and AKRPG, please report any bugs
+ EZIV compatiblity fixed without need for special line in globalsettings.ini
+ Scrolling Non-unicode Cheats/Notes, toggle in Advanced Options (default: on)
- Can also call cheat window in ROM Properties with SELECT (if button is visible)
+ Simple Internal Text Reader
- System Settings -> TXT Viewer
- Parses text, add bookmarks with X, scroll between bookmarks with L/R Buttons
- Not as fast as native TXT plugin due to pre-processing of text files, perhaps if we had the TXT Plugin source things could be done, but that would make sense.
+ Per ROM rumble settings, ROM Options window
+ Listview mode remembered
+ 3in1 Support should be fixed, with thanks to cory1492 for testing
+ GBA Frame issue with Slot-2 booting from main list fixed
+ Asian languages should be better supported, since we're compiling the menu with DevKitARM 21
+ Variable Height Scrollbars and clickable arrows in cheat window/internal TXT viewer. 3 new BMPs for skinning: scrollbar_t.bmp/scrollbar_m.bmp/scrollbar_b.bmp
+ Super awesome hidden poweroff button in help window, add your own "poweroff.bmp" to "__aio" for fun

Change log (1.2):
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