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AKAIO 1.1r2

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AKAIO 1.9.0
AK-AIO 1.1r2
+ USRCHEAT.DAT wifi updating support from within shell
- Connects to Narin's GBATemp site, displays WhatsNew.txt, downloads, unzips, replaces in one step
- UpdateDB option in Start Menu -> More -> UpdateDB (for now?)
- zlib thanks to GPF (
- Download speed limited by DS routine?
- If hangs on "Whats New" display (post-Connect), set "showWhatsNew" to "0" in globalsettings.ini
+ (AK2) Alternate loader support, place loader(s) in "__aio/ak2loader/"
- ROM options window, select the AK2 loader to use to launch ROM
- Compatible with AceKard official loaders
+ (RPG) uses gelu's latest 4.09e13 softreset routines
- Updated 3in1 routines to all of gelu's latest
+ Fixed Dragon Quest 5 (AK2/AKRPG)
- Can now get off the ship and save file wont be rolled back
+ Can change save file extension (.nds.sav or .sav)
- Extension conversion: .SAV file Info Window, press "Save Ext." button
- Will convert all Save Slot SAV files as well
+ Scans for cheats on ROM Info Window (.DAT only), if exist "Cheat" button displays
+ Per file icon support (32x32x15bpp)
- place BMP with same name in same dir as file (eg: nesDS.bmp for nesDS.nds)
+ (Source) Variable spinbox width/General cheatlist cleanups/Scrolling Messageboxes
+ (Source) Minor changes to the cheat window
+ Fixed save size problems
- Shouldn't have any more problems with save sizes
+ Misc Skinning fixes
- Fixed problem with Adv.Evo skin
- Form titles moved up 1 pixel
+ SAVBAK routines now use native AK functions

Change log (1.1r2):
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