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AceKard RPG 4.11 menu

Update Date:2008-08-13
Firmware 4.11 for AK RPG. Merged bliss's firmware

Merged all main features from bliss's firmware. Thanks to bliss. And thanks to Smiths, Normmatt and gelu too.
Improved supporting of running GBA games via expansion cards.
Support mp3, txxt, avi, dsm, ogg, wav and so on direclty. (avi need convert first. txt support mark)
Support AR code in dat and xml format.
You can set uniquee settings for every single game.
Support multi save slot for one game.
Support automatically run after start up. You can long press b button to enter ak2's menu. Support short cut.
Support hide files and folders. Support hide extension name.

Fixed save issue of BBDX. Now you can choose 8m save for BBDX.

Change log (4.11 menu):
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