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Acekard R.P.G. k08c

Update Info v4.0.9.k08c
1. now, you can enable special option for 2110 - power play tennis.
2. fixed conflict between wi-fi menu and softreset about some of games - 2207, etc.
3. now, you can use more bigger size of ar cheat code than K05 when you turn on the softreset.
- about 0x2000 byte if you turn on the softreset.
- about more over 0x2000 byte if you turn off the softreset.
4. updated language.txt about lang_cn, lang_zh.
5. savelist.bin is updated. ( ~ 2425 )

Known Problem:
* You need to turn off the "soft reset" and on the "download play fix" to play with "download play"
* Some of encrypted games are not supported to download play.

Change log (k08c):
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