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Acekard R.P.G. BNS 4.08-1.4.3

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+ R4/M3 usrcheat.dat/cheat.dat support in addition to XML (.DAT is faster!) - bliss
Note: Cheat files now go in "__rpg/cheats/"
+ Cheats window has options for database selection, rebuilding, etc. - bliss in, modified Smiths
+ Language.txt updates to [cheats] section
+ GBA Patching updated for all of gelu's latest auto-patching routines
+ Delete a Shortcut by selecting it in the main browser with "Y" (File Info) and hitting the "X" button to delete it. Technically it just disables it, but that's all that's needed.
+ Start menu reordered to have the more popular items in the sub-menu first. Poor FAS1 gets knocked down a peg
+ Got bored with green/blue screens when menu loads, so they're now black
+ Multiple save slots per game by Moogle, change currently used slot via ROM Info Window
+ Support for parsing encrypted cheat DAT files -- bliss
+ Fixed if shortcut = GBA game (3in1/eWin detection) -- Smiths
+ Fixed lot of Rom Info Window options showing that need not -- Smiths
(Folders as shortcuts = no / save slot button for NDS games only / etc.)
+ Cheat Window size fixed with new buttons -- Normmatt
+ Maybe other language.txt things, not quite sure, check the language.txt in SVN for the latest English one

Change log (4.08-1.4.3):
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