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AceKard 2i firmware 1.4

This update will bypass the DSi 1.4 firmware block by changing the Acekard 2i game icon and text.

There are two .nds updates included. Either will work to update your Acekard 2i. The DSi labeled one will update your card as expected. However the DSLite labeled one can be used to update multiple Acekard 2i's in a row without shutting off the DS. Perfect to update lots of cards in a row. It must be used in a DS Lite to make use of this feature though.

The DSL update file can also salvage an Acekard 2i bricked by this update. Run the update in either a DS Lite or DS Phat to repair the card. Note though that the chances of bricking is very low. Just make sure you have a charged battery when running the update so that it won't turn off during the update.

Change log (1.4):
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