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Acekard 2 Official 4.08 (beta)

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Acekard 2 Official 4.23
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A brand new engine of saving and reading card for Acekard2. Faster and more stable. Castlevania should be never lag on any TF cards.

How to use:
Download the attached file and extract it. Replace the same file on your TF card.
Hold "A" when you start a game until the "loading" turns to red, Which means using the new engine. Otherwise it use 4.07a16, which will be released soon after some test, engine instead.

Known Issues:
Zelda and 1981 will hang up when saving if you use new engine.

The new engine is a beta version to test. It may be not stable. So please backup all your save files first.

Change log (4.08 (beta)):
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